Finance Options for Your New Vehicle

Here at Brede Garage, we appreciate that buying a car can be a stressful experience and an expensive outlay for many people. That’s why we ensure we operate within a pressure-free sales environment, helping our customers find the right vehicle for their needs and budget.

To help make customers’ lives that little bit easier, we also offer them the chance to make use of finance when buying a vehicle from us. This allows you to purchase a vehicle despite not having all of the money available upfront. In order to make use of our finance offering all you need is to be in full-time employment and have a UK address. We can then offer you a range of flexible payment plans to choose from.

We are fully registered with the FCA under Hartnell Brede Motors Ltd.

Hire Purchase available

Most of our customers that pay using finance choose to use Hire Purchase. When paying with Hire Purchase you pay a set deposit for the vehicle upfront, before then paying off the rest of the vehicle’s value in predetermined monthly payments. The monthly payments will be agreed upon beforehand, and once you have paid off the entire value of the vehicle, you will own it outright. This payment plan is perfect for anyone who cannot afford to pay for the entire vehicle upfront.

No Minimum Term and No-Deposit Options Available

Our finance packages have no minimum term, meaning you can spread your payments out over a longer period if required. We are also, in certain special circumstances, able to set up no-deposit payment plans, allowing customers to simply pay off the cost of their car in monthly instalments alone if needed.

Get in Touch for More Details About Our Finance Packages

If you want to know more about the finance packages available to you, then you can speak to one of our professional, friendly team today. Either pop along and speak to us in person or give us a call on 01424 870 651 and we’ll be happy to help. 

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