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The Class 4 MOT Test is the most common MOT undertaken in the country. Suitable for most cars and light commercial vehicles, the MOT is an annual basic safety check for your vehicle. Our MOT's are undertaken in house by DVSA qualified technicians and can be booked online using our handy online booking tool, or alternatively give us a call.

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MOT Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an MOT?

    The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a legal requirement for vehicles over 3 years of age to have an annual assessment on the basics. The MOT covers a range of safety aspects, emissions and road worthiness.

    The MOT test can only be carried out at authorised DVSA testing facilities by DVSA trained examiners. Brede Garage is an authorised testing facility and only uses qualified testers to carry out the MOT tests. Unlike many garages we do not out source our MOT's to other garages and all tests are carried out in house with our own technicians and facilities.

    Most cars and light commercial vehciles come under the Class 4 category of MOT testing which we are certified to carry out. Quads, motorbikes, goods vehicles (between 3,000-3,500kg) and vehicles with more than 12 seats have different categories which we are not setup or authorised to test. If in doubt please speak to a member of staff.

    it's important to not get a service and an MOT confused, when a vehicle has an MOT test only the basic areas are checked to ensure minimum road worthiness and safety standards. An MOT tester is also not allowed to remove parts of the car or carry out involved investigations. With a service, the technician can really delve into a vehicle to discover faults or diagnose problems before they become unsafe. We always recommend an annual service and MOT to ensure your vehicle is as roadworthy, safe and reliable as possible.

  • How much does an MOT cost?

    The goverments MOT scheme has a recommended sale price of £54.85. Whilst this is the advised/recommended sale price, here at Brede Garage we currently offer a discounted rate of £44.95 per MOT. We do not currently charge for a retest if it is within the 10 working days, otherwise a full test becomes due.

  • How long does an MOT take?

    The length of time an MOT takes can vary depending on the vehicle. On average an MOT is approx 40-60 minutes from start to end. Some vehicles are quicker and others may require extended time e.g. if brakes have to be tested on a test drive rather than the rollers.

  • Do I need to bring any documents?

    Generally speaking no additional documents are required to get an MOT on your car. As long as the VRM (numberplate) is intake and the VIN/Chasis number are readable you will be ok. There are some circumstances where additional documents may be required but the tester can explain when these arrise.

  • What is checked on an MOT?

    Many areas of a vehicle are checked on an MOT test and these often get more involved as the years go on. The DVSA are regulary changing and adapting how an MOT is carried out but the following list is a quick view as to the commonly checked areas.

    • Body, vehicle structure and general items
    • Towbars
    • Fuel system
    • Exhaust emissions
    • Exhaust system
    • Seatbelts
    • Seats
    • Doors
    • Mirrors
    • Load security
    • Brakes
    • Tyres and wheels
    • Registration plates
    • Lights
    • Bonnet
    • Wipers and washers
    • Windscreen
    • Horn
    • Steering and suspension
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Electrical

    For a breakdown of these categories and up to date MOT information please visit the official GOV website at Car Parts Checked At An MOT.

  • What happens if my car fails?

    If your car fails the MOT it will be issued with a VT30 by the examiner. When presented with the VT30 you will be given a list of item(s) that the car failed the test on. These item(s) will need to be rectified in order to get a valid MOT certificate on your car. It is important to know that some fail items on a VT30 require additional diagnosis outside of the scope of an MOT in order to quote and repair accordingly.

    It is against the law to drive a vehicle without an MOT unless driving to and from a prebooked MOT test, or taking the vehicle to have repairs undertaken. Even if the vehicle has a valid MOT in place, there are instances where driving the vehicle with a VT30 is considered as 'knowingly driving' a dangerous vehicle. Driving a vehicle on the road in such conditions would make the driver liable for a fine or further legal action

    If your car fails the MOT you have a few options, firstly you can leave the vehicle with us, we can quote for the repairs, carry out the repair and then issue a new certificate. Alternatively you can take the vehicle away to be repaired elsewhere and return within 10 working days for a free retest.

    If the repairs take longer than 10 working days then a full test is required and not a retest. In this instance a new MOT at full price has to be performed and additional/items may be spotted that wasn't before.

  • Can I leave or wait with my car at its MOT?

    Either! You are more than welcome to wait for your MOT to be completed, we have a small waiting room with a viewing camera, chair and heating, what's more we can also provide a coffee or tea! Alternatively you can leave the vehicle with us and one of our team will give you a call when the MOT is done for you to return and collect.

  • Are there any common failures?

    There are many common failures on MOT's and many of these can be self checked by the car owner/driver before presenting the car for its MOT. We do advise customers to carry out these checks on a regular basis and not just for their MOT.

    The following is a list of the common failing areas.

    • Lighting and signalling: 18.4% of all tests (5 million)
    • Suspension: 12% of failures (3.3 million)
    • Brakes: 9.6% of failures (2.6 million)
    • Tyres: 7.4% (2 million)
    • Obstructions to driver’s view of the road: 6.6% (1.8 million)

    There are many checks you can carry out at home before bringing your vehicle in for an MOT, in fact these checks should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure optimal safety and road worthiness

    • Lights - Check that all of your lights are working
    • Screenwash - Ensure you have enough screenwash and its working
    • Wipers - Check your wiper rubber is intact and not smearing
    • Dash - Ensure there are no warning lights e.g. ABS/Airbag
    • Brakes - Act upon any noises when breaking
    • Suspension - Squaking and knocking noises are a sign of bad suspension
    • Tyres - Check for uneven wear, tread depth and perishing
    • Numberplates - Need to be intact, easy to read and not dirty
    • Clutter - Many parts of the car are tested, keep it clean and clutter free
    • Vision - Ensure no stickers, dashcams, sat navs, air fresheners are in the way
    • Seatbelts - Check they all latch shut and none are frayed
  • How do I book an MOT?

    To book your MOT simply using the button on this page to follow our online booking procedure or give the office a call on 01424 870651.

  • How early can I get my MOT done?

    You can present your vehicle for an MOT at any time and the vehicle will get 12 months MOT from the day it was presented. If you wish to preserve your MOT date you can book the MOT up to 1 month (less 1 day) from it's current expiry date, this will preserve the expiry date and effectively give you nearly a 13 month MOT.

    For example, if your MOT expires on the 15th May, you can get the MOT done anytime from the 16th April onwards if you wish to keep the 15th May expiry date.