Bosch Car Service

Why Pick Bosch Car Service in East Sussex?

Bosch has been at the forefront of vehicle technology with their automotive roots going right back to the early 1900s. By joining the Bosch Car Service network we are not only agreeing to stick to the Bosch Code of Practice but it also gives us access to a wealth of technical information, training resources, and advanced diagnostics equipment. We believe the quote below nicely sums up why we chose to be a Bosch Car Service Centre

"If your car is in need of repair and you are looking for a one-stop that will solve your problems, Bosch Car Service is the repair shop you are looking for.
Bosch authorised shops have the expertise to repair anything from simple repairs to complicated diagnostics. Bosch Car Service Technicians have the necessary training and equipment to get your car back on the road, fixed right the first time. As complicated as cars are today, don’t trust just any shop, trust Bosch Car Service."

Mark Polke, 
Director Workshop Concept & Service

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, North America 

Why Chose a Bosch Car Service Centre?

Bosch Car Service centres are set up to provide a transparent service with no hidden extras, clear pricing and honest reliable advice. We are able to work n virtually all makes and models of cars and offer advanced diagnostics across a large range of cars too. This enables us to be in a great position to diagnose, repair, inspect and sign off our sales cars, giving you the peace of mind that every effort was made to ensure your new car is reliable.

  • Technical Expertise
  • 1st Class Customer Care
  • Good Value
  • For ALL Vehicle Makes
  • Top Quality Trained Mechanics

Only the Best in Customer Care & Standards

The Bosch Code of Practice runs a range of quality control checks, stringent standards, and procedures. This ensures you will receive a reliable service with honest advice throughout the entire process. Furthermore, Bosch has a series of standards, checklists, and procedures to follow which ensure the quality of workmanship, the checks on services and inspections, and the quality of parts used remain of the upmost importance.

Whether you're buying a used car from us, or your car is going through the workshop for repair or servicing. You can be assured that the technicians who undertake the work are correctly trained, with the right tools, the right procedures, and going above and beyond on all checks. 

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